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Container Sales and Rentals

We provide containers ranging in size from 10 to 40 feet. Our certified experts will

customize orders to meet any specifications. Customers can request various types

of modifications that serve their individual needs such as custom paint, locks,

windows, vents, doors, exterior/interior lighting, shelving, and much more.





We provide exterior and interior paint for the following types of containers.


- 10' Container

- 20' Container
- 40' Container



- 12" roof turbine vent

- 6"x 4" side vent


Specialty Door and Window Installation


- 6' roll-up door
- 5' roll-up door
- 4' roll-up door

- 2' x 2' window

- 4' x 4' window

- Skylight, 30"x 60"

- Steel security man door
- Wood security man door


(Custom sizes and layouts available upon request)


Other Options

- Lock Box installation
Interior partition installation / Steel and Wood

- Electrical Package includes two 4' fluorescent overhead light fixtures,

two four-plug outlets, one wall mounted light switch, and breaker panel with

two 16-AMS breakers. This system is constructed using " galvanized pipe

work and 14/2 wiring.

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